Erato Publishing

Contemporary Romance

Love blooms in the oddest places, under the most perplexing circumstances. When you pick up an Erato romance, don't expect cookie cutter plots or cardboard characters. Expect to laugh, and cry, and hurt, and fall hopelessly in love. Expect extreme emotion. Our muse, the goddess Erato, wouldn't stand for anything less.

Supernatural Romantic Suspense

Prepare yourself for a page-turning, heart-stopping adventure from our line of romantic suspense novels. Set in the creepiest of places—crumbling old hotels, abandoned asylums, lonely & forgotten graveyards—we weave a tale that not only satisfies your yearning for a love story, but lends a few goosebumps along the way. Mind: we're not into gore or horror. First and foremost, we aim to satisfy your craving for an emotionally arousing tale of love. The roller-coaster ride is just part of the fun.